Shoot Like a Pro

Tips for Shooting Like a Pro

All too often we return from our adventures with memories fresh in our mind but our video footage is be sporadic at best, covering some but not all of the highlights of our trip.  We tend to pull out our cameras at odd times without thinking about what we want to do with the footage after returning home.  Now that you know you can rely on ClipFix to edit your video, have fun recording ALL the important moments.


As you head out on your next getaway, camera and selfie-stick in hand, remember these tips:

Tip 1:  First and foremost, remember that our editors want to tell a story with the footage you send us, so keep that in mind as you film


Tip 2:  Take transition shots – footage of landing at the airport, driving in the car, riding a camel – anything that involves you getting from point A to point B.


Tip 3:  Capture the places AND the people – beautiful and interesting places are great, but the people you’re there with are what make the trip special and different from a travel promo


    • PRO TIP: Sometimes it’s fun to pretend you’re taking a picture and take a video instead – you might get some fun candid shots of your friends at the risk of making a few enemies

Tip 4:  If you’re good at sharing let someone else use your camera so that you can be in your video too


Tip 5:  Don’t be too embarrassed to use your selfie stick – if you mount your camera on a selfie stick and spin in a circle it adds a fun effect and along with Tip 3 above you get to put people in the scene


Tip 6:  Take short shots – many times we make the mistake of leaving our camera on for way too long when what we really want to remember happens in less than a minute


Tip 7: Always have your camera at the ready – you never know when something exciting or downright funny might happen!